As you enter Amaria Massage Center you will enter a Zen-like Sanctuary with soothing aromas, to awaken your spirit and a tender touch of expert hands that will linger in your memory as an unforgettable moment of wellness. The range of treatment by experienced products in Amaria Therapy Center focuses on maintain your health, beauty and improving your well-being, whilst reducing signs of stress. The tranquil and earthy colors of the center enhance your feeling of well being and tranquility.


Antistress Neck & Back 30' + Reflexology 30' ONLY 50€

Body Treatments

Jet Lag Recovery 120'

Harmony Body and Mind 90'

Honey Massage 50'

Aromatherapy 55'

Holistic Massage 55'

Deep Tissue 55'

Sport Massage 55'

Pregnancy Massage 55'

Lymph Drainage Massage 50'

Antistress Neck & Back Massage 30'

Hot Stone Massage 60'

Spicy Paradise 60'

Massage for children 30'

Βody Βeauty Τreatments

Body Exfoliations 30'

Body Polish 50'

After Sun body treatment 60'

Triactive Body Treatment 60'

Spa Your Hands 40'

Spa Your Feet 40'

Facial Beauty Treatments

Teenface Lifting 50'

3D Hyaluronic 50'

Man Experience 60'

Antiaging Natural Lift (Gua Sha - Cupping) 50'

Head & Face Massage 50'

Access Bars 50'

Alternative Medicine - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Electroacupuncture 30'-50'

Acupuncture 30'-50'

Ear Acupunture

Ear Candling 45'

Cupping - Moxa

Reflexology 30'

Reflexology 45'

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