"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy" -A Szent-Györgyi We are passionate about a holistic approach to healthcare, distilling a contrasting variety of holistic approaches, transpersonal psychology and philosophia perennis into holding space, moving energy, and facilitating healing. If this is your first session, please visit https://linktr.ee/dadirrihealing to download, complete, and print required session documents (if possible) -->Some session are only available via Skype/Whatsapp/Zoom. -->Please note that all prices are in Namibian Dollar! We look forward to seeing you!


IPT00 - Initial Assessment Session, 100mins


TRMT03 - Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, 20mins

TRMT06 - Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, 45mins

TRMT12 - Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, 100mins

CCMT06 - Chinese Cupping & Meridian Therapy, 45mins

OST03 - Osteopathic Sports & Kinesio Taping, 20mins

OMT06 - Osteopathic Manual Therapy, 45mins

AMT06 - Animal Osteopathic Manual Therapy, 45mins

BBT06 - Buteyko Breathing, 45mins

BLC06 - Pranayama & Breathwork, 45mins

BLC12 - Breathwork & Integration, 100mins

TRE06 - Tension & Trauma Release Exercises©, 45mins


LRHM03 - Bioenergy Healing/Reiki, 20mins

LRHM06 - Bioenergy Healing/Reiki, 45mins

LRHM12 - Bioenergy Healing/Reiki, 100mins

RRHM03 - Remote Bioenergy Healing/Reiki, 20mins

RRHM06 - Remote Bioenergy Healing/Reiki, 45mins

ARHM03 - Animal Bioenergy Healing/Reiki, 20mins


NDT06 - Spiritual Counselling, 45mins

NDT12 - Spiritual Counselling, 100mins

NDT18 - Spiritual Counselling, 165mins

LBL18 - Life Between Lives Regression, 165mins

PLR18 - Past Life Regression, 165mins

SAR12 - Spirit Attachment Removal, 100mins

TRT06 - Reading, Tarot/Oracle Card (1 Question), 20mins

TRT12 - Reading, Tarot/Oracle Card (3 Question), 45mins


OPT06 - Optimal EFT (Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp Session), 45mins

EFT06 - Emotional Freedom Techniques, 45mins

EFT12 - Emotional Freedom Technique, 100mins

Lifestyle & Support

TPC06 - Transpersonal Coaching, 45mins

SEM18 - Spiritual & Energy Massage, 90mins


RMP06 - Remedial Music Piano, 45mins

RMA06 - Remedial Music Aural, 45mins

RMT06 - Remedial Music Theory, 45mins

Plant Medicine & Entheogens

EIC06 - Entheogenic Integration, 45mins

EIC12 - Entheogenic Integration, 100mins

EIC36 - Entheogenic Integration, 360mins

Integrated Pathways

IPT06 - Integrated Pathway Techniques©, 45mins

IPT12 - Integrated Pathway Techniques©, 100mins

IPT18 - Integrated Pathway Techniques©, 165mins

Workshops & Courses

SYW06 - Sahaja Yoga, 14x 45mins

PMW12 - Presence Meditation Workshop, 120mins monthly

MBW12 - Meditation for Beginners, 8mins daily for 8 weeks

KYB12 - Kriya Yoga 1 Course, 16 weeks

KYA12 - Kriya Yoga 2 Course, 12 weeks

KYM12 - Kriya Yoga 3 Course, 8 weeks

VFC30 - Veridicus Ficta, 300mins

TLC00 - Transformational Life Coaching, 12 hours

BIW18 - Breatharian Initiation, 9 Days with daily contact


837 - Aroma Oil: Dispel Negative Energies, 10ml

441 - Aroma Oil: Induce Calm & Repel Anger, 10ml

382 - Aroma Oil: Reduce Anxiety, 10ml

162 - Aroma Oil: Cleanse & Protect, 10ml

HCZ01 - Zapper® MF generator with brass hand electrodes

NAVIGATING THE NOOSPHERE: The Forgotten Art of Healing 1

NAVIGATING THE NOOSPHERE: Methods & Techniques, Book 1

NAVIGATING THE NOOSPHERE: The Forgotten Art of Healing 2

NAVIGATING THE NOOSPHERE, Methods & Techniques Book 2


Client Appointment Reminders