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The River House 193 Brisbane Tce Goodna 4300

Lorelle Joy ~ Better You ~ Better Relationships Helping sensitive and intuitive women to find their serenity and claim their inner wisdom with confidence. We achieve this through balancing the energetic body to create emotional wellness, education on the methods and techniques you can use yourself and utilising the vibration of crystals and flowers to enhance your surroundings. Visit my website http://dimensionalhealing.com.au

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Trevallan Lifestyle Centre Saturdays
Healing Insights - Reading & Flower Healing $45 By using earth energy cards we get intuitive insight into what’s happening currently, what result its heading for, then several cards for focus and support. We then add flower healing cards for the situation.
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Re-Set Your Energy - Affirmations & More $45 Working with the issues currently in play we use access points, affirmations and visualisations to re-set your energy, clearing out old thoughts and beliefs and bringing in new ideas.
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Insightful Re-Set $80 Energy Re-set combines easily and naturally with healing insights to set you on your path with clarity and focus.
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Riverhouse Healing Sessions
Emotional Re-Set - Crystal Chakra Balancing $80 Looking to clear off your chakras and top up your energy then this is a good pick me up session
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Better You ~ Better Energetic Boundaries $80 Clearing stale energy + emotions for Better Relationships ~ Work, Home + Self
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Hours of Operation

Monday 4pm - 6pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 4pm - 6pm
Thursday Closed
Friday 10am - 2pm
Saturday 10am - 3pm
Sunday closed
Saturdays are @Trevallan Lifestyle Centre Fernvale Rd Brassall Weekdays are @The River House only Online times are flexible
Lorelle @TheRiverHouse - Lorelle

Lorelle @TheRiverHouse

Online Bookings - Online

Online Bookings

Mistic Garden Trevallan Lifestyle Centre Saturday's - Flower Healing

Mistic Garden Trevallan Lifestyle Centre Saturday's

Garden at Trevallan Trevallan Reset your energy Healing Insights Tea
Dimensional Healing The River House 193 Brisbane Tce Goodna 4300

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