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Jasmine Ealey
Jasmine Ealey

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Bonded Installs

  • Traditional Quick Weave
    Bonded(glued) bobs with minimal leave out(middle or side part ONLY) Hair brands: Duvessa, Saga Remy, First Remy, Live
  • Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
    Must come with clean hair, do not add oil or grease.
  • Frontal Quick Weave
    Frontals must be brought in 48hrs in advance!! You will be charged a fee for same day customizing. Frontals must be brand new and dropped off in a bag with a text coinfirmation!!!
  • Closure Quick Weave
    Lace Closure must be brand new and I REQUIRE HD, TRANSPARENT, or SWISS LACE

Full Service

  • Basic Styling
    This is the basics flat iron style or traditional barrel curls....crimps or wand curls will be an additional $20
  • Cut and style
  • Color Service
    This is starting price per bundle


  • Traditional Install
    Traditional Sew in with minimum leave out(middle or side part ONLY). Requires up to 3 bundles, any additional bundles are $10 per bundle. Basic Styling includes bone straight flat iron or traditional curls.
  • Lace Closure Install
    4x4 Closures ONLY!!! Closures must be new unless I previously Installed. 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 applications will be $12 more.
  • Frontal Install
    All frontals must be brought 2 days ahead of your appointment, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! If not brought in 48hrs in advance you will be charged a fee for same day customization. Frontals must be brand new and not previously installed by another stylist.
  • Frontal Ponytail
    Great for if you have thinning edges or balding edges. Lace Frontal is required for this service and to be dropped of 48hrs before appointment. This install requires 2 bundles and a frontal.
  • Half Up Half Down Sew In
    Must come with clean hair and add a shampoo/blow dry to service. 3 bundles required for this look, top half will be a ponytail and back will be partial sew in.
  • Tape-In Extensions
    Perimeter of hair is left out,tape-in will be applied to natural hair. Comes with shampoo,B/D trim and Style(hair not included)
  • Micro-link Weft Install
    Majority of hair is left out to achieve this versatile look. Wefts are sewed on top of beaded partings in desired location.
  • Flip Over Install
    All of your hair is braided in circle foundation with minimum leave out to cover flipped tracks… if you want 2 or 3 part flip over it will be an additional $25
  • Extended ponytail

Touch Ups

  • Frontal Install Maintenance
    I REQUIRE you to return no more than 3 weeks for your touch up. This service include take off and cleaning of frontal, 5-7 tracks tightened, dryer time and style
  • Lace Closure Maintenance
    Shampoo, Blow Dry, and Basic Style
  • Frontal/Closure Wig Maintenance
    This service includes removal and cleaning of wig with same braid foundation and must be booked 3 weeks after wig install.
  • Traditional Retouch
    This service includes washing of extensions, track tighten, and basic style of flat iron or traditional curls. Any additional service will have to be added on

Wig Installs

  • Frontal Wig Install
    This service includes braid foundation, wig install and style. Wig must be dropped off 2 days before your appointment if not you will pay a same day fee.
  • Closure Wig Install
    4x4 or 5x5 closure wig ONLY!!! 6x6 and 7x7 will be and additional $15
  • 360 Wig Install
    This service comes with braid foundation, wig install and style. Wig must be dropped of 2 days before your appointment time.
  • U-Part Install
    Wig is applied to perimeter of braid foundation with specific parting of natural hair left out

Wig Construction Services

  • Frontal Wig Construction
    When you book this service you are to drop off your hair the same day. Provide your own bundles and frontal and I recommend 3 bundles and frontal. The turn around time is 2-4 days and the frontal is customized by bleaching and light plucking
  • Closure Wig Construction
    You are to provide your own bundles and closure, I recommend 3 bundles and closure. Hair is to be dropped off same day you book this service. Turn around time is 2-4 days
  • Wig Maintennce
    Service includes shampoo, deep conditioning and basic styling of flat iron or traditional curls. Wand curls or crimps will be additional

BeyondPretty Classes

  • 1 on 1 Frontal Class
    With this class I will show you products to use, plucking techniques, and lace placement and all the information you need to know about frontals. You must provide the hair and Model to perform this service on and I will provide everything else.