At Braidsbysholaa we provide exceptional hair/braiding services. We are here to give you the warm, extraordinary, beautiful attention you deserve. We are thrilled that you have decided to patronize us and hope you will be one of our valued regular customers. Thank you for choosing us.


Big braids

Medium size braids

Small size braids

Extra small braids

Knotless Jumbo braids

Knotless big braids

Knotless medium size braids

Knotless small size braids

Knotless extra small braids

French braids

Goddness braids

Bob braids

Spiral braids

Senegalese twists big size

Senegalese twists medium size

Senegalese twists small size

Senegalese twists extra small size

Passion twist

Crotchet installation (with cornrows)

Crotchet installation

Big cornrow (2-4)

Cornrows (5-10)

Medium size cornrow

Small size cornrow

Extra small cornrow

Lemonade braids

Ponytail lemonade braids

Tribal braids

Big Ghana weaving

Medium small Ghana weaving

Small Ghana weaving waist lenght

Small Ghana weaving long lenght