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Is your service really free? Are there any hidden costs?

Our service is really free and there are no hidden costs. The only service that is associated with a fee is SMS reminders for clients. But SMS reminders are an optional feature. By default, we only send free email reminders.

Do you display advertisements on your web pages or in your e-mails?

No, we prioritize a clean and focused experience by ensuring that our website and all e-mail communications are entirely free of advertisements.

Can I record my retail sales through your service?

Currently, the functionality to record retail sales is not available. However, we continually update and improve our services. This feature is under consideration for a future release.

How do I export my clients’ information?

To download your customers’ data, simply click on Clients and then choose Export to Excel. This straightforward action will conveniently bring together all your customers’ details into a downloadable Excel file. Please be aware that this download feature is only accessible if you’re a business owner, or if you hold an administrator role, or have been granted export clients permission.

Do you offer any training courses?

We strive to make our software user-friendly and intuitive. However, we understand the need for some users to have additional guidance. In the near future, we will provide training videos on our website to guide users through our program’s key features.

How do I save my appointments to my device?

To save your appointments, go to the calendar page. Here, you’ll find the Export button. When you click on this, all your appointments will be transferred to an Excel file. Just remember, this feature might not be accessible if your current user permissions don’t allow it.

How can I change my employee’s working hours?

You can adjust an employee’s working hours easily. First, go to the calendar page and click on the name of the staff member whose hours you wish to amend. This will bring up a dialog box where you can make the necessary changes. Please remember that if your calendar is set to “Week Mode”, the day’s name will appear instead of the staff member’s name.

To provide further assistance, we’ve created an illustrated video guide on how to alter working hours directly from the calendar, which you can access here:

Please be aware that the calendar’s appearance may vary slightly on smartphone devices.

I’m experiencing issues with the app on my iPhone or iPad. How can I resolve this?

Often, if your device hasn’t been updated for an extended period, you may experience some issues with our software. While our app doesn’t strictly demand the latest browser or operating system versions, it may not function optimally if your device’s systems are outdated by years.

Is this software compatible with all mobile phone platforms?

Absolutely! Our web-based, mobile-responsive interface ensures our service is accessible to users on any mobile platform, such as Android, iPhone, and iPad, without needing to install an app. This also eliminates any compatibility issues.

How do I access my schedule? Can I use any device?

Yes, you can access your schedule from any device including iPhones, iPads, tablets and smartphones. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection, with no app installation necessary.

Can I use the program at home?

Yes, indeed! The data is securely stored online, not on your computer, which enables you to log in and use the program from any location with an internet connection.

Where is my information stored?

All your data is securely stored and hosted in the United States. We utilize the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform for all types of data, except for images and files. For images and files, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

How do I perform software updates?

Our software updates are performed automatically, so you don’t need to do anything! The software works just like Google Mail, Facebook and other web-based services. Any and all updates will be processed automatically, so you can always rest assured knowing you’re using the latest and greatest version!

Can I Integrate Online Booking Into my Website??

Yes, you can easily integrate our software into your website using a hyperlink or iframe. To do this, navigate to Settings → Online Booking. On the page that appears, you will find a link to your booking page. Simply copy this URL and incorporate it into your website as a link or an iframe, thereby enabling your visitors to book online with ease.

Can two clients book appointments for the same time slot?

Our appointment scheduling system is specifically designed to prevent double bookings. Clients can only choose from time slots that are open, and they can’t overlap with existing appointments. But, you and your staff have the flexibility of creating several appointments that can overlap. You can even make exceptions for double bookings for certain time slots, which clients can then book from your scheduling page.

Why aren’t all of my staff members visible on the calendar page?

If some staff members aren’t visible on the calendar page, it may be due to screen size constraints. If the display cannot accommodate all your staff, utilize the scroll feature. Just click on the right arrow symbol to horizontally scroll through and view the complete list of your staff on the calendar.

How do I create an appointment on a touch device?

Creating an appointment on a touch device requires a long touch gesture. This means touching the screen and holding your finger on the calendar for at least half a second.

Could you explain the “Padding” feature and its functionality?

The Padding feature in appointments is an option that gives you the ability to reserve particular time slots before or after an appointment on your calendar. These time slots would then be unavailable for any client bookings. This feature helps in maintaining your appointment start and end times without alterations. For instance, if you need extra time for clean-up after an appointment, the “Padding” feature becomes particularly useful.

Can we ensure that clients will receive SMS reminders?

While we strive to provide reliable SMS reminders, we cannot guarantee that all will be successfully received. This is due to factors outside our control such as carrier network restrictions or device-specific settings. For instance, certain devices, including some Samsung models, have a dynamic SPAM protection feature that might filter out our messages. Therefore, while we do our utmost to deliver everyone, we cannot promise the receipt of every SMS reminder.

In addition, please note that clients can opt out from receiving SMS reminders by replying “STOP” or similar commands to unsubscribe. However, this process is managed by an external service and we don’t have direct access to this subscription information. Thus, we may not be aware if a client has chosen to unsubscribe from SMS reminders.

Can clients book multiple services at the same time?

Yes, clients can book appointments for multiple services simultaneously.

I have a question not covered here. How can I get in touch with you?

No worries at all! Our customer service team is always ready to assist and answer your queries. Simply navigate to our contact page for further help.

Can I use my email address to log into the site?

No, you need to use your username for login. We permit multiple accounts linked to the same email address, which is why we require users to use their usernames when logging in.

I am unable to log into my account. What steps should I take?

If you’re having trouble logging in, first ensure that you’re entering the correct username and password. If you’re still unable to log in, click on the “Forgot Password“ link on the login page, enter your username, and follow the instructions. You will receive an email allowing you to reset your password and regain access to your account.

I attempted to reset my password but didn’t receive the email.

If you’ve requested a password reset, an email should be sent to you with further instructions. Please allow a few minutes for the email to be processed by your server. Do also check your SPAM folder to ensure it wasn’t mistakenly flagged as SPAM. If you haven’t received the email, it’s possible that there was a typo in your email address during registration. Please reach out to us if this occurs, and we’ll verify the accuracy of your email address in our system.

Can I provide individual logins for my staff members?

Yes, you can! Every staff member can be provided with a unique username and password. Each user can then log in and manage their appointments accordingly.

How can I share a suggestion for improvement?

We always welcome your feedback! If you have comments, ideas for improvement, or general feedback, please email us at or get in touch via our contact page.

Can I use my own phone number to send SMS/text message reminders?

Unfortunately, no. Due to regulatory requirements, we can only send alerts from our dedicated phone numbers. The use of third-party phone numbers for sending text message alerts is currently not permitted.

Is it advisable to use emoticons in my text messages?

While emoticons can add a personal touch, we advise against their use in text messages. This is because emoticons are classified as non-English characters, which reduces the maximum character limit from 160 to 70 per text message, even if the text is in English.

Do you offer phone support?

At present, we do not provide phone support. However, we offer comprehensive email support. You can reach us at or submit your queries via the contact form on our website.

Can I choose to send both SMS/text message reminders and email reminders?

We currently allow only one method of sending reminders – either SMS/text messages or emails. It’s not possible to opt for both simultaneously.

Can each staff member have individual login credentials to access their appointments?

Absolutely, each staff member can have their own distinct login details. To set this up, go to the staff area and click on the respective staff member’s name. There, you will find the username that they need to use for logging in. Don’t forget to assign a password, enabling them to access the website, calendar page, and client database. For your convenience, you have the ability to change the passwords for your staff members at any time as needed.

I created an employee account, but it is not visible on the booking page. What could be the problem?

To resolve this, ensure that the Online Booking option is enabled for the respective staff member and that the staff member have been assigned to at least one service. This should make the employee visible on the booking page.

Can appointments be booked by service instead of by employee?

At present, our system doesn’t support this feature. However, we’re constantly improving our platform, and we may consider adding this feature in the future.

What information should be included in an SMS reminder?

Essential details such as the appointment time, your phone number, and your business name should be included in an SMS reminder.

Can clients access data from my calendar?

While clients cannot directly view your calendar, certain details are visible when they access their appointment details. This includes appointment start time and date, the “services” field, assigned employee, price, and the client’s first and last names. However, appointment notes and the “padding before” and “padding after” fields remain private. For manually created appointments, no calendar details are visible, but if an appointment reminder is issued, you can decide what calendar data is displayed in the reminder text.

When are appointment reminders sent?

Appointment reminders are only sent if this feature is enabled. They apply to both client-created (online bookings) and manually created appointments. If needed, you also have the option to disable reminders for individual clients – a useful feature if you want to enable reminders globally but exclude certain individuals.

What should I do if I can’t log in as an administrator/business owner?

To log in as a business owner (administrator), make sure you’re using the username you registered with. Remember that any employees you create as an administrator will have limited access, so maintaining your administrative access is crucial.

What are the consequences of deleting a staff member?

Deleting a staff member should be done with care, as it permanently removes all data and appointments linked to them. This action is irreversible. While some data can be recovered from daily automated backups, all appointments will need to be manually recreated, and some information might still be missing. Additionally, clients who booked appointments with the deleted staff member won’t receive any automatic updates. To prevent data loss, we recommend exporting all appointment data before removing a staff member.

Can the software manage multiple business locations?

Currently, our system doesn’t support multiple business locations within the same account. As a workaround, we suggest creating a unique account for each location. You can then set up a selection page on your website, allowing clients to choose their preferred location, which redirects them to the corresponding booking page.

Why have my customers stopped receiving booking confirmations?

Customers may choose to unsubscribe from emails, and if they do, we halt sending booking confirmations. To find all unsubscribed emails, navigate to the client area and select Export Clients. The second sheet of the exported Excel file will contain these unsubscribed emails.

Will merging two client records result in data loss?

Merging two client records consolidates all associated appointments and notes under the primary record, so no information will be lost.

Can I set certain services to be available only on specific days?

Absolutely. You can tailor availability such that certain services are bookable only on specific days of the week. By doing so, your clients won’t be able to arrange bookings for these services on any other days. However, this feature requires careful management to avoid issues with online bookings. Incorrect settings can sometimes disrupt online booking functionality. While we offer this feature for your convenience, we do recommend careful use to avoid any potential booking issues.

How can I upload photos for my staff members?

To upload photos for your staff members, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Staff section.
  • Select the specific staff member for whom you want to upload a photo.
  • Scroll to the Photo section.
  • Here, you will be able to upload an image that will represent that particular staff member.

Can multiple users interact with the software at the same time?

Yes, our software allows for simultaneous usage by multiple users.

Why isn’t one of my services listed on the booking page?

If a service isn’t appearing on the booking page, please visit the service management area. Ensure that a staff member is assigned to the service in question. Additionally, confirm the days of the week that the service is allowed to be booked. If the service is restricted to specific days of the week, it will not show up on the booking page on the other days.

Why are some of my service groups not appearing in the service list?

A service group will only appear in the service list once at least one service has been added to that group.

How can I change the images displayed on the front page?

To change your front page images, navigate to Settings → Photos. On this page, you’ll find an uploader that allows you to update your images.

Can I edit a series of repeating events all at once?

Currently, the system doesn’t support batch editing of a series of repeating events. Each occurrence must be edited individually. While we previously offered this feature, it led to inadvertent data overwrites. However, you can still delete an entire series of events at once.

Why does my new account have data I don’t recognize?

After signing up, we sometimes add example data to your account - like employee details, client information, and appointment records - to help you get started. Please note, this is optional and only if you choose it during the registration process. Feel free to delete all this sample data and add the real details about your business and team.

Do I need to have my own website to use your software?

Not at all. We provide a standalone booking page that you can share directly with your clients.

Is the software compatible with all web browsers?

Our software is designed to function optimally with all modern web browsers. To ensure the best user experience, we recommend accessing our website using an updated browser. An outdated browser may lead to subpar performance and usability issues.

Can multiple employees access the same account simultaneously?

Yes, our software allows concurrent usage by multiple employees. However, please note that it may take up to 5 minutes to synchronize appointments if multiple users are creating them at the same time. Instant updates can be seen by refreshing your browser. However, this limitation doesn’t affect online booking as the system uses real-time data for client bookings.

Why can’t I see some appointments or employees in my Excel export?

Each employee has a unique sheet within the exported Excel file. To see the appointments related to various employees, you need to switch between these sheets. Typically, the sheet list is found in the bottom left corner of Microsoft Excel. If you are using another application to open Excel files, the location might differ.

How can I request new clients to complete a client form?

To request new clients to complete a client form, first ensure you have the form available as a PDF. Upload this PDF to a publicly accessible website. Then, in our platform, go to the Online Booking preferences and find the ‘Email Signature’ section. In this field, add a note instructing new clients to fill out the form, including a link to the PDF and the email address where the completed form should be sent. Please note, these instructions will only apply to clients who book online and provide an email address on the booking page.

How can I set up an Email/SMS reminder?

To set up reminders, navigate to Settings → Reminders. Here you can configure automatic reminders for your clients.

Can I modify an employee’s username?

Yes, you can modify an employee’s username. To do this, navigate to the staff management area, select the staff member whose username you want to change, and then update the ‘Username’ field. Remember to save your changes to confirm the update.

How do I install the software?

Being a web-based software, no installation is necessary. Simply sign up and start using our service with an internet-connected device and a web browser.

Do you support SMS messages over 160 characters?

Yes, for the US and Canada, we support text messages of up to 1000 characters.

Can clients pay online when booking?

At this time, we do not support online payments, although we plan to add this feature in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of staff I can add to my account?

Yes, you can add up to 40 staff members to your account.

What is the cost of SMS reminders? How am I billed?

Each SMS reminder costs $0.09 (USD) for messages up to 160 characters in English or 70 characters in non-English. Longer messages will be charged as multiple messages. For US or Canadian businesses, following messages in a concatenated text cost $0.045.

Do you delete past appointments?

We retain all past appointments unless your account is deleted.

Can I customize the appearance of my booking page with CSS?

We currently do not support custom CSS for the booking page, as software updates that change the HTML could invalidate your custom CSS rules, causing conflicts.

Is there a limit on the number of clients or appointments I can add to my account?

You can add up to 300,000 clients per business account. We do not impose a limit on the number of appointments.

Why aren’t some clients receiving SMS reminders?

Typically, this occurs when the client’s phone number is incorrect. Please verify the accuracy of the number stored in the system.

What are the various access permissions available?

Our software provides several permission levels for staff members, giving them control over specific data and functionalities. For sole proprietors, assigning permissions isn’t necessary. You can have full access just by using your business owner account. The ‘Administrator’ permission offers staff comprehensive control over the system, except for the ability to delete business accounts or change business emails.

The ‘Export Appointments’ and ‘Export Clients’ permissions allow users to export detailed lists of clients or appointments to Excel. It’s important to note that these exported lists contain sensitive information, including contact details and notes. Therefore, they should be handled with the utmost care to ensure client confidentiality and data security.

The ‘Client Database’ permission grants access to detailed client information, but does not include access to client notes. Access to client notes is controlled by the ‘Client Notes’ permission. The ‘Contact Details’ permission allows staff to view complete client contact information. Without this permission, staff will only see client names in full, with email addresses and phone numbers partially hidden. ‘Write Access’ is crucial as it permits users to edit existing data and add new entries.

Lastly, the ‘Everyone’s Schedule’ permission enables viewing of all staff members’ schedules and, if permitted, their modification.

Can I direct clients straight to my booking page?

Yes, you can link directly to your booking page with this URL:{username}/booking

How do I integrate a “Book Now” button on my Facebook page?

Please follow this guide to add a Book Now button on your Facebook page.

How long have you been operating?

We have been providing our services since 2012.

How do I report a bug or security issue?

Kindly report any bugs or security issues via our contact form or by emailing us at Please note that we do not currently offer a cash-based bug bounty program.

Can I recover deleted staff members’ appointments?

Unfortunately, deleting a staff member also removes all their associated appointments. However, you can retrieve deleted appointments from automated backups under Settings → Automated Backups.

How can I rearrange my services or groups?

It’s easy to rearrange your services. You will need to click on the designated area to the right side of the service or group, then simply drag it to the desired position. You can also move services between different groups this way.

How can I contribute a translation to the software?

At this time, specific portions of the software, including online booking features, client-oriented pages, and emails, are available for translation. Please note that the rest of the software is exclusively in English and cannot currently be translated.

Interested in contributing a translation? Here’s how to do it:

  • Click here to download the translation file.
  • Open the file and create a new column for your intended language.
  • Add translations for all text in the new column. Please note that only complete translations will be accepted. Partial or incomplete translations cannot be integrated into the software.
  • After translating all the text, email the Excel file with your translations to for validation.
  • Upon validation, we’ll add your translations to the software. While this process may take up to seven days, we usually complete it much sooner.

If you notice an error in an existing translation, please follow the same procedure. Download the translation file, correct the error, and then email us the corrected file. After validation, we will update the translations in our software as soon as possible.

Your contribution to making our software more accessible is greatly appreciated!

Can I host the software on my server?

Our software cannot be hosted on external servers. However, we ensure your booking page does not feature any of our branding or links. Moreover, our service is free, so self-hosting offers little advantage.

What can I do if I’m not receiving emails from your service?

It’s possible that our emails are marked as SPAM. Please check your SPAM folder and remove the spam label for our emails. If the problem persists, email us directly from the affected address at to resume email delivery.

Why didn’t I receive an email after registration?

We send a confirmation email with your account details and initial password after registration. If you didn’t receive this email, you might have mistyped your email address during registration. Please contact our support team and provide your email address and business name.

How can benefit my business?

Smart Scheduling provides effective tools for business owners who need streamlined appointment management. With our online booking system, customers can easily self-schedule appointments, minimizing reliance on traditional phone-based booking methods. Our intuitive drag-and-drop calendar simplifies the process of managing and viewing appointments, while automated reminders effectively reduce client no-shows. The platform is optimized for use on multiple devices, offering flexibility and convenience. Additionally, it features robust client information and note storage capabilities. This software is especially useful for small businesses such as salons, spas, and professional service firms, enhancing the efficiency of appointment management and fostering a more organized, client-focused approach to business operations.

How can I start using the software for my business?

To begin using our software for your business, firstly, register an account on our registration page. Following this, add your staff members to your business account, setting their working hours for different days, which can be adjusted on the calendar page.

Next, define the services your business offers to enable online booking. For gathering extra details about these services, the “Custom Fields” feature is available.

After setting up, we recommend conducting a test of the client online booking process to verify its functionality.

To enhance client experience and reduce no-shows, you might want to set up automated SMS or email appointment reminders.

As an extra feature, our system allows you to import existing client information and their notes. This feature is particularly useful for transitioning from a previous system, ensuring a smooth transfer of vital client history and preferences.

How can clients upload files or documents during booking?

To enable file upload during booking, you’ll need to create a custom field for file uploads. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Settings → Custom Fields.
  • Create a new field designed for file uploads.
  • Go to your service management area and assign this custom field to each service that requires client file uploads.

After these steps, your clients will have the option to upload files when booking your services.

Why do some dates on the booking page show as unavailable or with incorrect times?

You may want to start by checking the employee’s working hours on your calendar. Make sure that the dates in question are marked as working hours and that there are free slots with no other appointments. Overlapping appointments can often prevent the same time slot from being booked.

Next, go to the Service Management area and review your services. Make sure that the services in question don’t have weekday restrictions. This is a common problem, especially if the restricted days don’t coincide with working hours.

Finally, navigate to the Online Booking settings and check that all configurations are correct. Pay particular attention to the ‘Scheduling Window’ and ‘Booking Slot Size’ options. These can have a significant impact on the time slots that are displayed as available on your booking page.

How can I adjust pricing and duration dynamically on the booking page?

You have two options to automatically adjust pricing and duration:

  • If your business involves multiple staff members, assign a unique price and duration to each staff member via the service management area.
  • Create custom fields of type checkbox or dropdown in Settings → Custom Fields. These fields can adjust prices and durations based on client inputs. Remember, you need to assign these custom fields to your services for them to be operational.

Do you offer a point-of-sale (POS) system?

Currently, we don’t provide a point-of-sale system. However, we’re planning to release one in the future, which will be provided free of charge. We don’t have a definitive release date for this feature yet.

Will your branding appear on my booking page?

No, our free booking software is a white label solution. It does not display any of our brand markings on your booking page.

How can I deactivate my account?

You can delete your account by logging in as a business owner using your credentials, then navigating to Settings → Account Management. Here, you will find an option to delete your account.

How can I adjust the start and end times on the calendar?

To modify the calendar’s start and end times, please click on the preferences button on the calendar page. This action will bring up a dialog where you can alter calendar settings. Bear in mind that this button may not be accessible if you lack the required permission.

How can I determine the number of SMS parts required to send a message?

To analyze your text messages, you can use this online tool:

How can I update my business email address?

You can change your business email address by navigating to Settings → Email. Please note that this page can only be accessed when logged in as a business owner, not as a staff member.

Can I use your service as a sole practitioner?

Absolutely, our service is fully functional for sole practitioners. Besides your business account, you will need to create a staff member account to manage your appointments.

Is it possible to prohibit adding an appointment at a time that is already reserved for another appointment?

Online booking for clients does not allow double booking of conflicting appointments, so your clients will not be able to book overlapping appointments, unless you explicitly enable double booking for certain appointments. However, if a staff member creates an appointment directly in the calendar, there is no way to prevent double booking in this scenario.

How can I transfer clients from one account to another?

To move all your clients along with their notes between accounts, use the import/export tools. Export all clients from the original account and then import them into the new account. Please remember that this action might require special permissions, so you may need to contact your administrator. Ensure that both accounts have identical country and regional format since the software can only interpret date and time formats specific to each country. If possible, consider renaming your username as this is a much simpler solution.

How can I send a mass email to all my clients?

Our application does not support sending mass emails directly. Doing so could adversely affect the deliverability of our other emails, potentially causing them to end up in spam folders. However, you can export your clients to an Excel file and use this list to send email campaigns via third-party services such as

Please note, it’s important to review your local regulations regarding mass email communications. In certain jurisdictions, sending mass emails may be subject to specific rules and may require explicit permission from the recipients. Always ensure that you are compliant with these regulations before initiating a mass email campaign.

How can I hide certain services from appearing on my booking page?

To restrict the booking of specific services, navigate to the service management area and select a service. Set the Online Booking field to Disabled. Consequently, this service will not appear on your booking page.

Links can be added to your email signature and reminders. Type the desired URL as text, and it will automatically be converted into a clickable link, like so:

If you wish to add a hyperlink with display text, encapsulate the text in double square brackets before the URL, as shown below:

[[Privacy Policy]]

Your clients will only see the clickable text, and the URL will remain hidden.

If your link isn’t highlighted correctly within the app, prepend it with https://. This should rectify the issue and make your link clickable.

How can I toggle between the ‘Week’ and ‘Day’ view on the calendar?

Our scheduling software allows you to effortlessly switch between ‘Day’ and ‘Week’ calendar views. If you only have one staff member in your business account, or you have access to schedule for just one individual, navigate to the calendar page. Here, you will find a dropdown menu with two options - ‘Day’ and ‘Week’. Simply choose your preferred viewing format - ‘Week’ or ‘Day’.

However, if you have access to the schedules of multiple staff members, the dropdown menu will display a list of their names. By selecting a particular staff member’s name, the calendar will switch to a ‘Week’ view for that individual. To see a ‘Day’ view of all staff members’ schedules simultaneously, select ‘All Staff’ from the dropdown.

Can I create individual schedules for various rooms within the software?

Though our software doesn’t directly support viewing appointments based on resources like rooms, we have a workable solution. You can create ‘staff member’ profiles that correspond to different room resources. This maintains separate schedules for each room effectively.

Importantly, during online booking, clients will encounter room names instead of staff member identities.

How do I change the URL of my booking page?

To change the URL of your Booking Page, you must change the username associated with your Business Account. Simply go to the Account Management section and change your username. Your Booking Page link will be updated automatically.

Note that if you want to use a link outside of the domain, you may need to use an IFRAME to embed your booking page into a web page on another domain.

Does your platform have an API?

Yes, we have an API. However, it is primarily for internal use. For large corporate clients, we may consider granting access to this API under special arrangements.

Is ZOOM integration possible?

While ZOOM can be used with our software, it’s not built in. You will need to integrate it manually.

How can I resubscribe to emails if I’ve unsubscribed accidentally?

If you’ve unintentionally unsubscribed from our emails, resubscribing is simple. Look for the most recent email from us in your inbox. Scroll to the bottom of this email to find the unsubscribe link. Clicking this link will confirm your unsubscription, but it will also give you the option to resubscribe. Please be aware that this link in emails is only available in non-transactional emails, like appointment reminders or booking confirmations. If you don’t have such an email, feel free to contact our support team for help in resubscribing.

Can my clients first select a date and then a provider?

While on the booking page, your clients are free to select a provider and view their schedule of available bookings. However, our system doesn’t currently support selecting a date first and then selecting a provider.

Do you offer a native app for iPhone or Android?

Currently, we don’t have a native app for Android or iPhone. However, our website is fully optimized for mobile use. You can easily add it to your iPhone’s home screen and access it similarly to how you would a native app. To do this, visit, add this page to your bookmarks, and select Home Screen as the destination in the confirmation dialog. Afterward, you’ll be able to access your calendar directly from the home screen with just one click.

In addition, you can synchronize your iPhone calendar with This will enable you to view appointments directly from your calendar app. For instructions on how to configure appointment synchronization, please refer to the corresponding section.

I accidentally unsubscribed. How do I resubscribe?

To resubscribe to our emails, please refer to the last email you received from us. This email will contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Click on this link and select the “Unsubscribe” option. If for some reason you can’t find such an email, please contact our support and we will assist you in manually resubscribing.

How can I print a history of a client’s completed appointments?

To print a record of a client’s completed appointments, visit the client management area and open the appropriate client’s profile. At the top, you’ll find a button to download all client information, which includes their appointment history. Please note that special permissions may be required to perform this task.

How can I make the client’s mobile number an optional field instead of a mandatory one?

You can make the client’s mobile number an optional field by accessing the “Required Contact Information” field in the online booking settings. This will allow you to modify the prerequisites on the booking page.

How can I collect health history forms from clients online?

To collect health history information online, ensure that the form is available digitally (preferably in PDF format). Upload this PDF to a publicly accessible website. Next, within our platform, navigate to the Online Booking settings and locate the ‘Email Signature’ section. Here, add instructions for new clients to complete the form. Include a link to the PDF and provide the email address where they should send the completed form. Please note this is applicable only for clients who book online and provide an email address on the booking page.

How can I forcibly sign out all individuals currently logged into the system?

You may change the password for any staff member, and they will consequently be automatically signed out once they revisit the website.

Is there any integration available with other calendars?

Indeed, we offer iCal integration for other calendars. However, please be aware that this integration is read-only. As such, it will not permit you to alter your schedule from other calendars.

How can I recover a forgotten username?

Upon registration, a confirmation email containing your initial password and username is sent out. Attempt to locate this email to recover your username. However, this is solely applicable to business accounts as we do not send out any emails when creating a staff member account.

How can I modify the currency in which prices are displayed?

The currency is automatically determined by the system based on your country, utilizing information provided by Microsoft Windows. If that information is outdated, please contact us, and we will rectify it.

How can I exit the demo mode?

If you’re using our software in demo mode to explore its features, you can exit at any time by clicking on the “Logout” option, similar to how you would exit a regular account. This action will terminate the demo mode.

How can I mark certain days as non-working for my employee?

Designating certain days as non-working for a staff member is as straightforward as adjusting their working hours. You have to start by navigating to the calendar page and selecting the name of the employee for whom you wish to schedule non-working days. This will open up a dialog box where you can carry out the necessary alterations. Kindly note that if your calendar mode is set to “Week Mode”, you will see the name of the day rather than the staff member’s name.

We’ve compiled an informative video guide to help you understand how to mark non-working days directly from the calendar. You can access it here:

Please take into consideration that the calendar’s display might appear slightly different on smartphone devices.

Can I collect information with custom fields in a different step of the booking process?

No, custom fields are always placed in the first step of the booking process. This is because the second step shows available appointments, and custom fields may influence service duration, requiring them to be in the first step.

Can I prevent users from selecting an employee on the booking page?

If you have only one staff member available for online booking, there will be no employee selection. Otherwise, users must select a staff member to book an appointment. To distribute appointments evenly among staff, you can display staff members in random order.

Can I hide employee names on the booking page?

No, employee names cannot be hidden on the booking page, but you can assign any name you prefer to your staff members.

Where can I access information from custom fields?

Custom fields are linked to services. To view the information provided by clients, open the relevant appointment on the calendar page and then select the service where the information was submitted. Currently, there is no way to access this information via the client page or record.

Why is my custom field not displayed on the booking page?

The most likely issue is that your custom field is not assigned to a service. Assign it to the relevant services to have it displayed on the booking page.

How can a customer cancel an appointment?

If a client provided an email when booking, they usually receive a booking confirmation with a cancellation link. They can use this link to cancel appointments. Without an email, cancellation requires staff interaction. Note that in some cases, emails with cancellation links may not be sent, such as if the user has unsubscribed from all emails.

How can I mark non-working days for several dates at once?

Our platform provides a convenient dialog box to change your working hours or designate certain days as non-working days. In this dialog, you’ll find a drop-down menu labeled “Apply to”. This option allows you to select multiple dates or a specific date range, effectively applying your changes to all selected dates at once. Use this feature for efficient mass adjustments.

Can I tweak the salutation in my automatic appointment notifications based on the gender of the customer?

Absolutely! You can adjust the beginning of your automated alerts to match your customer’s gender. Here’s a sample template you can use:

{gender:choose(Unspecified|Male|Female):Hi {first_name},|Dear Mr {last_name},|Dear Ms {last_name},}

This will present your reminder like this:

Dear Ms Doe,
This is a quick reminder that you have an appointment on 10/10/2018 at Demo Salon.
We look forward to seeing you soon!