Here at Deep Within we aspire to guide each client to look beneath the surface into the depth within and allow your spirit to soar. Our focus goes beyond relaxing the body, as the physical body is only part of the equation. Our staff has been trained in multiple modalities giving them a wide range of expertise. This has allowed us to create a selection of treatments that will strengthen our clients body - spirit connection, allowing deeper relaxation of the physical body and mind and a higher level of healing. Whether you visit Deep Within for a massage, energy work, a yoga session or a group discussion, your experience will have you visiting us again!


1/2 hr Swedish Massage

Fullbody Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Meditative Massage

Energy Work

Reiki - 1/2 hr


CranioSacral Therapy

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Body Work

Earth Angel

Moroccan Spice Body Glow

Spirit Work

Past Life Regression

Evening of Intent

Group Meditation

Reiki Share