En Forma Spa and Slimming Center offers a variety of services inclined with non-surgical and non-invasive slimming treatments and a variety of face and body care services. We proudly reveal ways on how to enhance body wellness,all while keeping the treatment safe,effective,affordable and supported with exceptional service. We have created a great relationship with our valued customers for 2 years and continue to research and discover ways to enhance and improve body wellness and healthy lifestyle. You may also check our company profile at www.facebook.com/enformahaus. We are open daily,10AM-8PM. Early bird specials are available from 10AM-1PM. You may contact us at (082) 3041693,3018945

Slimming Treatments

Multipolar RF Treatment ***

Deep Penetration Rf Treatment for body ***

Sculpta Slim Treatment ***

Bodysculpting with Lipocavitation***

Anti Cellulite Massage Therapy***

Slimming Combos

Adipolysis 3in1

2in1 Slimming ***

Package Deals *** enjoy more sessions and big savings

Contour Master 4in1 Slimming

Adipolysis 3in1 Package

2in1 Slimming Package

Facial Care and Anti Aging Treatments

Bipolar RF with Microcurrent Biolift

4d vlift facial contour RF


Beauty Facial

Gentlemen's Rescue Facial

Skin Whitening and Body Care

Skin whitening (body peel)

Skin Whitening (Body Bleach)

Full Body Cold Wax for Women

Skin Glow Body Scrub

Ear Candling Therapy

Hands and Feet

Paradip Therapy

Relaxing Foot Spa

Classic Pedicure

Classic Manicure