You can book online here with Erica from Enhance Skin Aesthetics at her Maylands beauty room from Thursday - Saturday. Erica specialises in a variety of treatments from Facials to laser and IPL treatments and cosmetic tattooing and sugaring. She was trained in Finland to a very high standard and she regularly updates her skills with the most recent training on new products and treatments. Erica has 20+ years of experience within the beauty industry.

Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume Full Set $220

Eyelash Extensions Classic 1D Full Set (Dramatic look) $199

Eyelash Extensions 1D 3/4 set (Full, natural look) $179

Eyelash Extensions 1D Half Set (Natural look) $159

Eyelash Extensions Refill 1-2 weeks $89

Eyelash Extension Refill 2-3 weeks $100

Eyelash Extension Refill 3-4weeks $120

Eyelash Extension Refill 4+ weeks $149

Eyelash Extension Removal $25

Female Sugaring

Eyebrow Sugaring (Reshape) $35

Eyebrow Sugaring (tidy) $25

Female Lip Sugaring $21

Female Chin Sugaring $24

Female Lip and Chin sugaring $42

Female Sides of Face Sugaring $24

Female Full Face Sugaring $65

Female Under Arm Sugaring $28

Female Half Arm Sugaring $40

Female Full Arm Sugaring $56

Female Bikini Sugaring $35

Female G-string Sugaring $50

Brazilian Sugaring (Maintenance) $77

Brazilian Sugaring (First time) $87

Half Leg Sugaring (Lower) $59

Half Leg Sugaring (Upper Leg) $66

Half Leg (lower) and Bikini Sugaring $75

Half Leg (lower) and G-string Sugaring $89

Half leg (lower) and Brazilian (maintenance) Sugaring $125

3/4 Leg Sugaring $69

3/4 leg and bikini sugaring $91

3/4 leg and G-string sugaring $110

3/4 Leg and Brazilian Sugaring (maintenance) $145

Full Leg Sugaring $97

Full leg and Bikini Sugaring $115

Full Leg and G-string Sugaring $128

Full Leg and Brazilian Sugaring (maintenance) $160

Female Sugaring Packages

G-String Sugaring Package $129

Brazilian Sugaring Package $159

Cosmetic tattoo

Eyebrow Feathering (first session) $690

Eyebrow Feathering (second session)

Top Eyeliner Thin (first session) $450

Top Eyeliner Thin (second session)

Top Eyeliner Medium (first session) $490

Top Eyeliner Medium (second session)

Top Eyeliner Thick/Winged (first session) $540

Top Eyeliner Thick/Winged (second session)

Bottom Eyeliner Thin (first session) $340

Bottom Eyeliner Thin (second session)

Bottom Eyeliner Medium (first session) $360

Bottom Eyeliner Medium (second session)

Top & Bottom Eyeliner (first session) $720

Top & Bottom Eyeliner (second session)

Lip Line & Blend/ Lip Blush (first session) $690

Lip line & Blend/ Lip Blush (second session)

Full Lip (first session) $790

Full Lip (second session)

Beauty Mark $125

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation

Cosmetic Tattoo Topup $300

Male Sugaring

Male Eyebrow Sugaring $25

Male Back and Shoulders Sugaring $79

Male Back, Shoulder & Stomach, Chest Sugaring $140

Male Chest and Stomach Sugaring $89

Facials & Peels

Green Peel Refresh $179

Clear Results Facial $125

Individually Tailored Facial $145

All Inclusive Facial $165

Medik8 Collagen Enhance Peel 30min $109

Medik8 Collagen Enhance Peel 60min $155

Medik8 Acne Peel 30min $109

Medik8 Acne Peel 60min $155

Microdermabrasion $125

E-Light Photo Rejuvenation $225

Clear + Brilliant Laser

Clear + Brilliant (face, neck, dec) and LED Therapy $370

Clear + Brilliant pack of 3 | $960 (save $150)

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Consultation

Tattoo Removal from $160

Lash Lift & Tinting

Eyebrow Tint $22

Eyelash Tint $29

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint $47

Lash & Brow Tint + Wax $69

Lash + Brow Tint & Sugaring $72

Lash Lift/Perm $82

Lash Lift/Perm + Tint $99

Female IPL Hair Removal

Lip IPL Single Session $36

Chin IPL Single Session $42

Sides of Face IPL Single Session $49

Full Face IPL Single Session $125

Underarms IPL Single Session $59

Brazilian IPL Single Session $119

G-String IPL Single Session $85

Bikini IPL Single Session $65

Half Leg Lower IPL Single Session $145

Full Leg IPL Single Session $179

Female IPL Hair Removal Packs of 4 (Save 20%)

IPL Brazilian Pack of 4 | $380

IPL Brazilian Prepaid Pack of 4

IPL Lip Pack of 4 | $115

IPL Lip Prepaid Pack of 4

IPL Underarm Pack of 4 | $189

Ipl Underarm Prepaid Pack of 4

Ipl Full Leg Pack of 4 | $572

IPL Full Leg Prepaid Pack of 4

Ipl Bikini Pack of 4 | $208

IPL Bikini Prepaid Pack of 4

IPL G-String Pack of 4 | $272

IPL G-String Prepaid Pack of 4

Male IPL Hair Removal

IPL Back Single Session $160

IPL Back, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach Single Session $315

IPL Stomach Single Session $145

IPL Chest and Stomach Single Session $175

IPL Chest Single Session $130

IPL Back and Shoulders Single Session $190

Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal $90

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy Single Session $89

LED Light Therapy with Facial Treatment $59

LED Light Therapy Course of 4 | $320 (save $36)

Eyebrow Makeover

Eyebrow Makeover $55

Mineral Makeup Consultation and Makeup

Mineral Makeup Consultation $40

Special Occasion Makeup $99

Day Makeup $75

Wedding Makeup (includes trial) $210

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