We make available Healing Technology that will assist your body's immune system to function at peak performance levels. Your "Immune System" is governed by your Energetic makeup of Frequencies that are either in balance or out of balance. Balance is KEY! To assist you we offer a complimentary scan that will provide you the needed awareness of where your Energetic Frequencies are out of balance and shows you your "disease potentials" Once you know what they are you can continue the session to rectify each one to it's normal frequency balance. We then take you into an "Field of Energy" of healing frequencies that has produced miraculous healings. Bring a friend with "health concerns"!

Full Bio-Feedback Scan / Frequency Attunement PAY- VENMO

Special Bio-Feedback and EE System 4 HOURS TOTAL

Full Bio-Feedback Scan / Frequency Attunement 2 hours

Bio-Scan Follow up Scan and Balance Frequencies 1.5 hours

Initial Bio-Scan for Disease Potentials

Consultation Mandy

Angel Entertainment Channel / "The Life I was Born to Live"

Akashic Record Consultation

Frequency Bio-Scan Attunement - Dimensional Crossover

Workshops / Classes / Groups

Introspect Workshop / The Mormon Transformation 3 DAY

The Healing Codes / The Work of Byron Katie

Men's Group Mastership in the Masculine Healing Archetype