Here at Glory Weaves Salon (GW Salon) ltd, we aspire to be innovators in the salon hair industry. Fashion and styles come and go but we intend to be here through them all, giving you the warm, personal attention you deserve. If you need a pamper after a long, hard day or you are ready to treat yourself to a total hair change, then contact us. We offer our clients comfortable facilities with staff who are fully trained with 27 years of combined experience. (Retailer in Salon) We are dedicated to serving you. Keep up with us on Facebook & Instagram @gwsalon **Cancellation/Late Arrival fees may apply** Mon by appt only Tues to Fri 10am-5pm Sat 10am- 4pm

Cuts & Dry Styling

Trims (Cut Straight across ends only

Special Occasion Hair (Up-do)

Barbering (Women Only) Back only £10

Fringe Cut

Hair Cut total Re-style fr £40

Ponytail only £45

Dry & Itchy Scalp Treatment (Steamer included)

⬇️ Late Cancellation fees applies 📍

⚠️ Deposit for all appointment over one hour ⚠️


💇‍♀️🗣 Cluster bookings 10% to 15% off

Complimentary Hair Treatments (Includes Blow Dry only!)

Moisture Hair Treatment (Steamer included) 15 mins steam

Steam Treatment (Fortifying )

Shampoo and blowdry

Kids Steam treatment £30

Hair Straightening Systems (Chemical Free)

Texture Release 💇‍♀️(Chemical Free Silk Press)

Thermal Wonder 📍( Silk Press )

Shampoo Blow Dry & Straightening only

Straightening £30/ Curling £40

Weave & Hair Extensions

Track LA Weave/ per row £20

Weaves with lace closure 4x4

U-Part Weave

Full Weave only

Weave with 360 Closure

Weave with Ear To Ear Closure fitting

Weave Tightening or removing

Weave Removal with Shampoo & Blow Dry

Full Lace Wig [Sew in] can be worn up to 4 to 6 weeks

Custom Lace Wigs {POC} (Wig Making)

Wig Removal and Refitting

Lace wig trim lace lay edges

Clip-ins with Finish

Wig Shampoo & style fr £60

Take Out & Re-Weave

Removes Braids, Shampoo &Treatment

Shampoo & Finish { Weave only }

Weave Per Row *ie Tracks ( sew onto Cornrows)

Micro Ring Wefts (POC)

Micro Ring Weft ( weaves sew on with no corn rows

Box Braids/Crochet/Cornrows

Box Braids waist Length £160

Jumbo braids 16" *18 inches

Large Box Braids £90 mid back ( fr £80 teens)

Knotless Shoulder length Braids fr £90

Box braids ( Refreshing in front only )

Small mid back Box Briads

Pick & Drop

Crochet Take-out Shampoo with Blow dry only

Box Briads or Twist Removal

Crochet Braids

Mens Cornrows (Natural Hair) Top head fr £25

Dutch Braids

Mens plaits half head fr £30 *wth Extn £60 £55

Box Braids with Extensions

Faux Locs / Butterfly Locs /goddess braids

Feed-in Cornrows Fr £90

Cornrows for Wig Wear Only (8_10 plaits)

Kids Cornrows & plaits (natural hair) 8 to 11 years

Single Plait (Natural hair)

Kids Hair Styles ( years 8 to 10)

Corn Row with Extensions from £80

Knotless (add £20 extra to the size you choose

Braids removal

Fulani Braids *Corn Rows and back plaits

Twists & Locks

Full Head Locks Interlock with shampoo £80/ £90/£100

Half Head locks Interlock Only

Colouring with Shampoo & Inter-Lock

locks Shampoo only £50 / £70 with palm roll

Locks *starter*:Consultation Needed!

Passion Twist

Locks Removal

Comb Twist

Senegalese Twists Bob

Shampoo & Twists £70 📍

Twists/Twists out (Natural Hair)

Chunky Senegalese Twist

Locks colour or Bleach ends or full head

Relaxer & Curly Perm

Relaxer with Affirm £75 ( Hair Treatment included)

S-Curls top head only £40

Kids and teens Relaxer 11yrs to 15yrs

Texturing * Chemical £55

Colour *Finish not included* (i.e Shampoo & Blow Dry)

Semi-Permanent (Please book a Finishing service)

Demi-Permanent (Please book a Finishing service)

Curly Perm fr £70

Full Head Permanent (Please book a Finishing service)

Permanent Re-growth (Please book a Finishing service) )

Full Head Highlights(Please book a Finishing service)

T-Section Highlights(Please book a Finishing service)

Ombre (Please book a Finishing service)

Balayage (Please book a Finishing service)

Bleach Roots(Please book a Finishing service)

Toner (Please book a Finishing service)

Half Head Highlights(Please book a Finishing service)

Eyebrow waxing £7 / with Tinting £15

Products & hair Extensions for Sale

Xpression Ultra £2.99 /Pre-Stretched £4.99

Hair products all brands available

Brazilian Human hair *14 inches fr £65

Human Hair Bundle fr £35 Peruvian & Brazilian

Kinky Hair Extensions


Bridal Hair Trial