Here at HF Acupressure Massage, we aspire to be innovators in the day spa industry. And we intend to give you a effective treatment and personal attention you deserve. If you need a professional massage after a long and hard day or are ready to treat yourself to a total body treatment, and we offer you a comfortable facility and a staff that’s dedicated to serving you with a complete range of therapeutic treatments.


10-Minute Chairback

15-Minute Chairback

20-Minute Chairback

25-Minute Chairback

30-Minute Chairback

40-Minute Chairback


20-Minute Table

25-Minute Table

30-Minute Table

35-Minute Table

40-Minute Table

45-Minute Table

50-Minute Table

60-Minute Table

70-Minute Table

80-Minute Table

90-Minute Table

100-Minute Table

110-Minute Table

120-Minute Table

Reflexology--Feet (Foot massage)

20-Minute Reflexology

30-Minute Reflexology

40-Minute Reflexology

50-Minute Reflexology

60-Minute Reflexology


40-Minute Combination

50-Minute Combination

60-Minute Combination

70-Minute Combination

80-Minute Combination

90-Minute Combination

100-Minute Combination

110-Minute Combination

120-Minute Combination

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