Here at The Unconventional Trainer, we aspire to be innovators in the sports training industry. If you need a workout after a long, hard day or are ready to treat yourself to a total body training experience, we offer you a sanitary and comfortable facility where you can achieve your goals at your own pace. Our motto is: “There is no such thing as staying the same. You are either striving to make yourself better or allowing yourself to get worse. We will not let that happen.” We are dedicated to serving you with the personal attention that you need and deserve. Together we will make it happen. Be sure and check out our YouTube channel, “The Unconventional Trainer”

Personal Fitness Training

Advanced Resistance & Strength Training For Competition

2 Or More Per Session

Strength, Conditioning & Weight Loss

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Speed and Agility Training

Speed and Agility Training


Competition Nutrition


PRB - Power Recovery Breakfast

PRL Power Recovery Lunch

High Protein Recovery Meal Replacement Shake

Pre-Workout drink

Protein Shake

High Protein Waffle

Personalized Meal Prep