Light Street Barbers has been in Federal Hill since 1995 and at our Light Street location since 1998. We are a business that is committed to the people and community of South Baltimore. Light Street Barbers takes pride in our large military, fire and police clientele, thanks to our knowledge and skill in the military regulation styles that are required. We do flat tops, high and tight or anything in between. Fades, tapers, businessman's trim or little boy's bowl cuts, you'll get the style of your choice. We do a variety of styles of men's and boy's haircuts.

Hair Styling

Regular Haircut

Regular Haircut with Beard Trim

Regular Haircut with Goatee Trim

Long Hair Cut

Beard Trim

Goatee Trim

Kids Cut

Senior Haircut

Senior Haircut with Beard Trim

Senior Haircut with Goatee Trim

People who are picky or get on my nerves

100 Years and Up