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Ear piercing

Lobe piercing (pair) price *over 12 years old

Lobe (single) price from

Lobes 2 pairs

Cartilage/helix gem price from

Cartilage/helix (pair) price from

Forward helix gem price from

Cartilage/helix plain price from

Double forward helix

Flat plain price from

Flat gem price from

Forward helix price from

Daith price from

Rook price from

Tragus price from

Vertical tragus price from

Conch plain price from

Conch gem price from

Scaffold/industrial price from

Ear lobe piercing pair *child under 12 years old


Surface tragus

Facial Piercing

Eyebrow price from

Nose Piercing

Nose plain stud/ring price from

Bridge price from

Nose stud gem price from

Septum price from

Oral Piercing

Lip/labret/Madonna/medusa price from

Lip/Labret/Madonna/medusa gem price from

Smilie price from

Tongue price from



Horizontal/surface tongue {NOT FROG EYES}

Nipple Piercing

Nipple single MUST HAVE PHOTO ID. Photos NOT accepted.

Nipple pair from MUST HAVE ACTUAL ID. Photos NOT accepted

Navel Piercing

Navel/belly button gem bar price from

Double navel piercing


Microdermal 2

Genital Piercing

VCH *consultation is required prior to booking this option

Forchette price from

Changes/Downsizes/Piercing Help

Ball replacement

Tongue bar downsize (2 weeks from piercing)

Other piercing. Please read attached notes before booking

24/7 Online Booking