Peace, Love & Wellness, LLC

338 Pennsylvania Ave W. Warren, Pa 16365

Here at Peace, Love & Wellness, LLC we aspire to be innovators in the health and wellness industry. We are here to provide you the warm, personal attention you deserve. Book a massage after a long, hard day, warm up and detoxify with a sauna session or attend one of our unique yoga or movement classes. Also be sure to keep an eye out for our special event workshops. We offer you a beautiful space unlike anything in the area and a staff that’s dedicated to serving you with a complete range of therapeutic treatments.

Deep Tissue 90 minutes
Swedish Massage 90 minutes
Deep Tissue 60 minutes
Swedish Massage 60 minutes
Deep Tissue 30 minutes
Swedish Massage 30 minutes
Prenatal Massage 30 minutes
Prenatal Massage 60 minutes
Prenatal Massage 90 minutes
Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes
Hot Stone Massage 90 Minutes
Couples Massage
90 Minute Massage/Reiki Combo
70 Minute Massage/Reiki Combo
30 Minute Massage/Reiki Combo
60 minute Massage/Cupping
30 Minute Massage/Cupping Combo
Initial Acupuncture
Return Acupuncture Visit
30 minute sauna session
30-40 minute sauna session
Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching
Discovery Session
Health Consultation-1 Hour
3 month Customized Health Program
Reiki & Holistic Health Services
30 Minute Reiki Session
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Peace, Love & Wellness, LLC 338 Pennsylvania Ave W. Warren, Pa 16365
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