Rainbow Raaja is more than music... It is a transformative journey to better health, confidence and living the dream. Trained in over 20 different alternative health modalities, Emily works over Zoom with you to find the treatment plan that will best support you reaching personal goals. Her dedication to giving expert care and following her intuition provides an experience unlike any other. Backed by a guarantee of self improvement, Rainbow Raaja offers spa-level services at reasonable costs without any risks. Entrust her with your problems, dreams and goals, you are in gentle capable hands. Rainbow Raaja's motto is : Without the storm, you'd never find your rainbow.

Custom Services

Rainbow Raaja : 60 minutes

Rainbow Raaja : 90 minutes

Rainbow Raaja : 2 hours

Light Codes and Art : 90 minutes

Original Totem Light Encoded Art

Original Digital Totem Light Encoded Art

Original Art Tarot Reading

Healing Sessions

Shamanic Healing : 30 minutes

Shamanic Healing : 60 minutes

Shamanic Healing : 90 minutes

Shamanic Healing : 120 minutes

Quantum Connection Energy Massage : 60 minutes

Quantum Connection Energy Massage : 90 minutes

Reiki : 30 minutes

Reiki : 60 minutes

Crystal Therapy : 90 minutes

Sound Therapy : 30 minutes

Sound Therapy : 60 minutes

One-on-One Mentoring

Shamanic Healing Mentorship / per hour

Reiki Mentorship (level 1, 2, Master, Teacher) / per level