I would love to play a major role on your journey to wellness. I have been a Licensed massage therapist since July of 2011. I learn more every time I work with a new client. Everyone is different, so every session is different. I promise to listen with my heart, hands, and intuition. I promise to give each session my all with care, sensitivity, and awareness. When I walk into my treatment room, the client is my only concern. Everything else shuts off so I can focus on the client. I believe this is my calling and I will do anything I can to help my client during our session time. Offering a comfortable facility, I am dedicated to serving you with a complete range of therapeutic treatments.

Swedish Massage

30 Minute Swedish

60 minute Swedish

90 Minute Swedish

2 hour Swedish

Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minute Deep Tissue

60 minute deep tissue

90 minute Deep Tissue

Combination Massage

30 minute Combo

60 minute Combo

90 Minute Combo

Prenatal/postnatal Massage

60 Minute

90 Minute

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minute

90 Minute

2 hour


30 minute

60 Minute

90 Minute