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Is your service really free? Are there any hidden costs?

Our service is really free and there are no hidden costs. The only service that is associated with a fee is SMS reminders for clients. But SMS reminders are an optional feature. By default, we only send free email reminders.

Do you display advertisements on your web pages or in your e-mails?

No, we prioritize a clean and focused experience by ensuring that our website and all e-mail communications are entirely free of advertisements.

Is it possible to record my retail sales?

Unfortunately, this function is not yet available. We do constantly make changes to our program and this is a function that we are looking into for a release in the future.

How can I export information about my clients?

To export information about your clients, visit the “Clients” page and click on “Export to Excel”. This will export all of your clients' information in an Excel document.

Do you have any training courses?

While every effort has been made to make our software easy for anybody to use, we understand that some users will need training. Soon, through the website, we will offer training videos which will cover the program’s key features.

How can I download or export my appointments?

To export your appointments, visit the calendar page and click on “Download” to export or download all of your appointments in an Excel document.

How can I adjust working hours?

To adjust the working hours for a staff member, please click on the heading on the calendar page; this will open a dialog box that allows you to alter working hours.

Can this software be used by clients on all mobile phone platforms?

Absolutely! Our decision to utilize a web-based, mobile-responsive interface rather than an app ensures that users who don't wish to install an app for appointment booking can still access our service. Additionally, this approach circumvents compatibility challenges, allowing your clients to book appointments on any mobile platform such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How can I check my schedule? Can I use any computer? What about smartphones or a tablet?

You can use any computer or mobile device – including iPhones, iPads, tablets and smartphones – to check your schedule. You only need an internet connection and a web browser. There is no app installation required.

Can I use the program at home?

Yes, indeed! The data is securely stored online, not on your computer, which enables you to log in and use the program from any location with an internet connection.

Where is my information stored?

We store and host all data on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform in the United States, except for images. For images, we utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, which is also based in the United States.

How do I perform software updates?

Our software updates are performed automatically, so you don't need to do anything! The software works just like Google Mail, Facebook and other web-based services. Any and all updates will be processed automatically, so you can always rest assured knowing you're using the latest and greatest version!

Is it possible to integrate online booking into my website?

Yes, you can integrate our software into your website interface using a hyperlink. Simply go to “Profile” → “Online Booking”. On the resulting page, you'll find a link to your booking page. Just copy this URL and use it to create either a link or an iframe on your website, allowing your visitors to effortlessly book online.

What happens if two clients try to book an appointment for the same timeframe. Are appointment conflicts possible?

Our web-based appointment scheduling platform has safeguards in place to eliminate scheduling conflicts. Clients cannot book appointments that overlap with others, and can only select available time slots. Importantly, you and your staff can create multiple overlapping appointments and even permit double booking for certain appointments, enabling clients to reserve such slots on your booking page.

Do you offer a feature that will enable me to embed the calendar into my website?

Currently, we do not offer an embed feature because our website is optimized for mobile devices. The embed feature does not work well with smartphones, so we have decided against offering this feature. Clients can book an appointment using any mobile platform, including iPhone and Android.

One (or more) of my staff members is missing from the calendar page? Why is this?

If one or more of your staff members are omitted from the calendar page, it's likely that your screen is not large enough to accommodate the entire display of employees. Therefore, you will need to use the scrolling feature to view the calendar. Simply click on right arrow symbol to scroll through your listing of staff members.

How do I create an appointment on a touch device?

To create an appointment on a touch device, use a long touch gesture. To do this, touch the screen and hold your finger on the calendar for at least one-half second.

What is the “Padding” feature and how does it work?

You can use the “padding” feature to block off time in your calendar – time that will not be available for client bookings. Notably, the “padding” feature enables you to maintain the set start times and durations, which are displayed to clients.
The “padding” feature is ideal in cases where you need to schedule additional time for preparation before or after an appointment.

Is it possible to book multiple services simultaneously?

Yes, your customers and clients can simultaneously book an appointment for multiple services.

I still have a question that wasn't answered here. How can I contact you?

Not a problem! Our friendly customer service team is always happy to answer questions and assist with problems. Simply visit our contact page.

Can I use my e-mail to login to the site?

No. You must use your username to login. We allow users to create multiple accounts connected to the same e-mail address. So we require users to enter their username during the login process.

I cannot login into my account. What should I do?

If you cannot log into your account, begin by verifying that you are entering the proper username and password.
If you still cannot access your account, click the “Forgot Password“ link on the login page. Enter your username and follow the prompts to access your account. You'll receive an e-mail that will enable you to re-set your password and login to your account.

I tried to reset my password, but I don't receive the e-mail.

If you've requested a reset for your password, you should receive an e-mail containing further directions. It can take a few minutes for some servers to process the e-mail, so be patient. Also check your SPAM folder to ensure it wasn't accidentally marked as SPAM.
It's also possible that you mistyped your e-mail address during the registration process. If you fail to receive the password reset email, contact us and we'll check on your account to ensure the e-mail address is correct.

Can I provide separate login for individual staff members?

Yes, every staff member will receive his or her own username and password. Each user can log in and edit their appointments.

How can I share a suggestion for improvement with you?

We'd love to hear it! We enjoy receiving comments, ideas for improvement and feedback. To share your thoughts, send an e-mail to or stop by our contact page.

Can I use my own phone number to send SMS/text message reminders?

No. Currently, we can only send alerts from our phone number, as regulations prohibit the use of third-party phone numbers for sending text message alerts.

Can I use emoticons in my text messages?

It is not recommended that you use emoticons in text messages because emoticons are non-English characters. Therefore, you will be able to send only 70 characters per message instead of 160, even if you write your text in English.

Do you provide phone support?

No. Currently, we only provide email support. You can email us at or send a message via the contact form on our website.

Can I opt to receive both SMS/text message reminders and email reminders?

No, you must choose to receive only SMS/text messages or only emails. You cannot opt to receive both simultaneously.

Multiple staff members access my account. Can I create separate logins for each staff member?

Yes. To establish multiple logins for your account. To set up multiple logins, visit the staff area and select a staff member's name. Complete the two fields labeled “Username” and “Password” to create a unique login for the staff member.
Please provide this data to your staff members to allow them to login to the Website and access the calendar page and client database. You can change passwords for any of your staff members at any time.

I have created an employee profile, but I cannot see the employee listed on the booking page. Why?

First, please verify that you have enabled the “Online Booking” option for the staff member in question. Then, verify that you have assigned this staff member to at least one service. This should remedy the problem.

Is it possible to book an appointment by service rather than by employee?

Currently, this is not possible, but in the future, we may add a feature that enables you to book an appointment according to the service.

What information should I include in SMS reminder?

You should include the appointment time, your phone number and your business name.

Can clients see data from my calendar?

Clients cannot access your calendar directly, however if they booked an appointment online and access the appointment details area, then some data from your calendar will be used to display appointment details.
The following fields from your calendar will be used to display appointment details: appointment start time and date, the contents of the “services” field, assigned employee, price, first name and last name.
Clients cannot see appointment notes, "padding before" and "padding after" fields.
If you created an appointment manually, then no calendar details will be visible. However, if an appointment reminder is issued for a manually created appointment, then the appointment reminder may also include some data from your calendar. But it’s up to you to choose which information will be displayed in the appointment reminder text.

When will the appointment reminder be sent?

We only send appointment reminders if you have enabled this feature. Reminders are sent for client-created appointments (booked online) and manually created appointments.
You can also opt to disable reminders for an individual client. This is useful if you want to enable reminders globally, but disable reminders for a few select individuals.

I’m unable to log in as administrator / business owner. What should I do?

Remember to enter the username that you entered on the registration page to log in as a business owner (administrator).
All of the employees that you create as an administrator will have limited access, so it's essential that you maintain access as an administrator.

What happens if I delete a staff member?

Exercise caution when deleting staff members, as this action will permanently erase all associated data and appointments, and cannot be reversed or undone. While some data can be recovered from automated backups, you will need to manually recreate all appointments, and some information may still be lost, as backups are only generated daily.
Moreover, clients who have scheduled appointments with the deleted staff member will not receive any automatic notifications.
To ensure data preservation, we advise exporting all appointment data prior to removing a staff member from the system.

Does the software support multiple business locations?

No. Currently, the system does not allow a customer or client to select from a list of locations while booking an appointment.
As a work-around, we recommend creating a separate account for each business location. Then, you can set up a page on your website where clients or customers can select a location using a button or link, which once clicked, takes them to the corresponding appointment booking page.

My customers have stopped receiving booking confirmations. How can I fix this?

Your customers can unsubscribe from emails; if they do, we will stop sending them booking confirmations. To obtain a list of all unsubscribed emails, go to the client area and click on "Export Clients". Open the exported Excel file. The second sheet contains all the unsubscribed emails.

If I merge two client records into one, will I lose any information?

When you merge two client records into one, all appointments and notes will be assigned to the primary record, so you will not lose any information.

Can I limit bookings for certain procedures, limiting appointments to certain days?

No. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to limit certain service bookings to specific days.

How do I add photos of our providers?

To add images of various service providers, go to 'Staff' and select a staff member. Then, click 'Photo' to upload the image that you would like to be displayed for that service provider.

Can more than one person interact with the software interface at the same time?

Yes. We've designed the interface so that it can accommodate multiple users, who can simultaneously utilize the software.

One of my services is not listed on the booking page. Why?

To resolve this problem, go to the service management area. Then, find the service that is not currently being displayed on the booking page and verify that you have assigned an employee to this service.

Some of the service groups that I created are not displayed on the actual list of services. Why?

A group will not be displayed on the service list unless you add at least one service to the group.

How do I change the images that are displayed on the front page?

If you need to change the images that are displayed on the front page, go to “Profile” → “Photos”.
On the photos page, you'll find an uploader that enables you to alter the profile images that are displayed.

Can I modify an entire series of repeating events?

No, you cannot modify an entire series of repeating events at once. You must select a single occurrence and edit it individually.
We previously allowed for the modification of an entire series of repeating events. But users found that they were accidentally using the feature and important data was unintentionally overwritten. For this reason, we decided to disable this feature. But you can still edit each occurrence individually and you can delete an entire series of repeating events.

I created my account, but there are some people and info that doesn't apply to our company. Why?

After registration, we create an account for you and this account includes sample listings for employees, clients, appointments, etc.
We have included this sample data in order to provide you with a point of reference as you start using the software. Simply remove all of the sample and create new listings that correspond with your unique business and employees.

Do I need my own website in order to use your software?

No. We provide a booking page that you can share with your clients.

Does your software work with all web browsers?

Our software is compatible with all modern web browsers. To ensure optimal performance and the best possible user experience, please make sure you are using a modern web browser when interacting with our website. If you're not, consider downloading or upgrading to one. Using an outdated browser may result in suboptimal performance or hinder your ability to use our website.

Can more than one employee use the same account simultaneously?

Yes, multiple employees can use our system simultaneously. Our software is designed retain complete functionality when multiple users are logged into the same account. But it's important to note that it may take up to 5 minutes (max) to synchronize the appointments if multiple users are creating appointments simultaneously. The same is true if someone books an appointment online; it may take several minutes to show up in your schedule. However, if you refresh your browser window, it will reflect the latest changes immediately.
This limitation is rooted in the fact that real-time communication requires a high-quality network connection and a modern web browser in order to work properly, but not all customers are equipped with a high quality network and browser. The current structure allows these clients to use the software as well.
Notably, there is no adverse impact on online booking; the system always utilizes real-time data when allowing a client to book an appointment.

I've exported my appointments to Excel, but some of my appointments/employees aren't showing. Why?

We create separate sheets for each employee. You need to switch sheets to view other appointments.

How can I setup an Email/SMS reminder?

To setup a reminder, simply go to “Profile” → “Reminders”. On this page, you'll find everything you need to configure an automatic reminder for your clients.

Can I change my employee's username?

Once created, an employee username cannot be altered. You can always create a new employee account with a different username.

How do I install the software?

You must create an account. Once you've registered, you can immediately begin using the software interface. Please use the following link to create your account:
As a web-based software interface, you don't need to install anything on your device. You simply need an internet connection and a web browser.

Can I translate the software into another language?

You can translate the booking page and the emails, which are visible to your clients. Simply visit the following page to begin the translation process:
The rest of the software cannot currently be translated and is available only in English.
We can accept translations only for languages written from left to right, because supporting languages written in the opposite direction would require changes in the website layout.

Do you support SMS messages over 160 characters?

You can send text messages containing up to 1000 characters to phone numbers based in the United States and Canada.

Is it possible to accept payments from our clients when they make a booking online?

Currently, our platform does not support online payments. However, this feature will likely be made available at some point in the future.

Is there a limit on the number of staff who can be added onto my account?

Yes. You can have a maximum of 40 staff members associated with your account.

How much does SMS cost? How is it billed?

The price per SMS reminder is $0.09 (USD) per SMS message, up to 160 characters in English or 70 characters in non-English. If a message exceeds 160 characters, it will be split into multiple concatenated text messages and each message will be charged separately. If your business is located in United States or Canada, then only the first concatenated message will cost $0.09, while every following concatenated text message will cost only $0.045.

Will you delete old appointments?

We will not delete any past appointments. You can access them as long as your account has not been deleted.

Can I change the look of my booking page with CSS?

Currently, it's not possible to change the look of your booking page. This is due to the fact that any software update will also change the HTML code on your booking page; this will, in turn, make your custom CSS rules invalid, causing problems with the platform.

Is there a limit on the number of clients/appointments that I can create for my account?

You can create up to 300,000 clients per business account. There is no limit to the number of appointments that can be created.

The software does not send SMS reminders to some clients. Why is that?

In most cases, this occurs when the client's phone number is invalid so please double check to ensure the number is correct.

What do the different access permissions mean?

You can use a few different permissions and roles to grant varying degrees of access to your staff. These permissions include:
Administrator This user is allowed to perform any task, with the exception of deleting your account or changing the business email. The user will also have access to all the permissions listed below.
Export Appointments This user is allowed to export appointment data via Excel.
Export Clients This user is allowed to export all of your client data via Excel.
Client Database This user is allowed to access the client database.
Write Access This user is allowed to save changes. They can also create new objects/items/etc.
Everyone's Schedule This user is allowed to access all scheduling information. Without this permissions, the user can only access his/her own schedule.
Contact Details This user is allowed to see the client’s email and phone number. Without this permission, a small part of the email/phone number will be masked with an * asterisk.

Why is my booking page translated into my native language, but not the rest of software?

Currently, we only translate the booking page/emails and the rest of the software interface is only available in English.

I received a suspicious message that's not in my native language. What should I do?

Prospective clients can send messages using the contact form on your business page. If you receive messages in another language, it's possible it's a scam. We recommend ignoring any messages that appear suspicious. It's important to note that you should not click the 'Spam' button in your email account, as this will block any and all email messages or notifications that are generated from our site. Instead, if you repeatedly receive spam or suspicious messages, simply report the matter to our team and we're happy to block the sender.

How do I add a “Book Now” button to my Facebook page?

Please use the following guide to configure a "Book Now" button on your Facebook page:

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2012.

How can I report a security Issue or a bug?

Please report bugs and security issues to our team via our contact form or via email at
Note that we do not offer a bug bounty cash program.

I accidentally deleted a staff member. Can I restore deleted appointments?

When you delete a staff member, all associated appointments will also be deleted. However, you can still download deleted appointments from backups under “Profile” → “Automated Backups”.

How can I rearrange my services or groups?

To rearrange your service, simply click on the service and move it to another location. You can also move services across different groups.

Can I install the software on my own server?

The software cannot be installed on your own server. However, unlike other providers, we don't display any brand markings or links on your booking page. It is also completely free, so a self-hosted solution provides little to no benefit.

I no longer receive your emails. How can I fix this?

If you have stopped receiving emails from us, it is likely that the "spam" button was accidentally clicked. In such cases, our system ceases sending emails to your address, including transactional emails such as password resets or booking notifications. To rectify this, navigate to your "SPAM" folder and remove the spam label.
If the issue persists, kindly send an email from the affected address to, indicating your desire to start receiving emails from us again. Please refrain from using our contact form for this purpose, as we need this confirmation directly from your email address.

I didn't receive any emails after I registered. Why?

After you register, we send a confirmation email with your account information and initial password. If you didn't receive this email, you likely mistyped your email address on the registration page. Please contact our support and send us your email address and business name.

Do you offer a point-of-sale system?

At the moment, we do not offer a point-of-sale system. However, we plan to release one in the future, and we will provide it for free. Currently, we have no definite release date for this feature.

Will your brand show up on my booking page?

No. Our free booking software is white label, and we do not show any brand markings on your booking page.

Do you support right-to-left languages?

Currently, we do not support right-to-left languages like Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, please use your credentials to log in as a business owner, then click on “Profile” -> “Basic Information”. On this page you will see a button that allows you to delete your account.

How can I change the calendar’s begin and end times?

To change the calendar’s begin and end times, please click on the preferences button on the calendar page. This will open a dialog where you can configure calendar settings. Please note that this button may be unavailable if you don’t have the appropriate permission.

How can I check on the number of SMS parts required to send a text message?

You can use the following online tool, which allows you to analyze your text messages:

How can I edit my business email address?

To edit your business email address, please go to “Profile” → “Email”. Note that you will be able to visit this page only if you are logged in as a business owner and not as a staff member.

Can I use your service as a sole practitioner?

Yes, you can use the service as a sole practitioner. However, in addition to your business account, you will need to create a staff member account to manage your appointments.

How can I migrate clients from one account to another?

To migrate all your clients along with their notes between accounts, utilize the import/export tools. Export all clients from the existing account and subsequently import them into the target account. Be aware that this procedure might necessitate special permissions, so you may need to consult your administrator. Additionally, verify that both accounts share the same country and locale settings, as the software can only read the date and time formats specific to each country. If feasible, opt for simply renaming your username as it is a much easier alternative.

How can I send a promotional email to all my clients?

There is no way to send mass emails directly from the app. This is because sending such emails will negatively impact all our other emails, as they will more frequently land in the spam folder. However, you can export your clients to Excel and use the list to send email campaigns via third-party services like

How can I prevent certain services from being listed on my booking page?

To prevent the booking of certain services, go to the service management area and select a service. Then set the field "Online Booking" to "Disabled". The service will not be displayed on your booking page.

Do you have a native app for iPhone or Android?

We don't have a native app for Android/iPhone, but our website is mobile-optimized. You can add it to the home screen on your iPhone and access it similar to native apps. To add a shortcut to your home screen, please visit and add this page to your bookmarks. In the confirmation dialog, select Home Screen as the destination. After this, you will be able to open your calendar from the home screen with a single click.
You can also synchronize your iPhone calendar with, so you will see appointments in your calendar app. Please consult the section about how to configure appointment synchronization.

Can I change the greeting in my automatic appointment reminders based on the client’s gender?

Yes, you can have multiple greetings depending on the client's gender. Just use the following template:
                {gender:choose(Unspecified|Male|Female):Hi {first_name},|Dear Mr {last_name},|Dear Ms {last_name},}
Your reminder will be formatted like this:
                Dear Ms Doe,
                This is a quick reminder that you have an appointment on 10/10/2018 at Demo Salon.
                We look forward to seeing you soon!