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Smart Scheduling is the leading scheduling software for hair salons, and it's completely free.

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Online Booking

Boost productivity and reduce phone call interruptions with our intuitive online booking system. Clients can easily schedule and change appointments directly through your website.

Appointment Scheduling

Experience smooth scheduling through a seamless drag-and-drop calendar. Easily add appointments, modify work hours, and view the entire schedule in one convenient location.

Automatic Reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders. The system sends timely SMS and email reminders to clients, helping them keep track of upcoming appointments.
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
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Effortlessly Schedule Appointments Anytime, From any Device

Schedule appointments effortlessly on any device – smartphones, tablets, or computers. Our web-based platform is hassle-free, requiring no downloads or installations.

Automated Data Backups

Automated daily backups provide the assurance your salon needs. Backups can be downloaded with just a few clicks.

Maximizing Productivity

Remove redundant and time-intensive tasks. Our software streamlines day-to-day activities, automating vital tasks to ensure a well-managed schedule.

Versatile Double-Booking Capability

Increase efficiency with our double-booking feature, which is perfect for handling two clients simultaneously, such as during hair coloring sessions. This is an ideal solution for boosting productivity during slower periods.
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
Free Software

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Unleash Your Salon's Full Potential

Client Administration

Designed for hair salons, this application provides tools for meticulously tracking client histories and preferences. It allows for detailed recording of past hairstyles, ensuring tailored and personal experiences for each client visit.

Optimize Earnings and Productivity

Optimize earnings and productivity by reducing missed appointments and maximizing booking capacity. Increase daily clientele and revenue without compromising service quality, perfectly balancing walk-ins and scheduled visits.

Customizable Forms

Design custom forms in the software to collect important client and service information. These forms enable a personalized appointment experience, with the system automatically adjusting costs and duration based on the information provided. This leads to a more efficient and tailored booking process.

Transform Your Hair Salon Today

Join our community of successful hair salons utilizing our application. Sign up for our no-cost app today and witness the positive change it brings to your business!

Free Software

No credit card, no trial period, free and unlimited use!

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