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Boost your massage studio's success with our free, all-in-one management software, including scheduling, online booking, and more.

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Online Booking

Minimize phone calls with our easy-to-use online booking system, which allows customers to easily schedule and change appointments right from your website.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Manage your schedule more efficiently than ever before. Our simple drag-and-drop calendar makes it easy to add appointments, change work hours, and instantly see your entire schedule.

Boosting Productivity

Stop engaging in monotonous, time-consuming tasks. Our platform allows you to automate daily routines and stay organized throughout the day.
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
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Manage Appointments From Anywhere, on any Platform or Device

Our software is designed to run smoothly on any device or platform, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can access it through an easy-to-use, web-based interface with no installations or updates required.

Instantly Know What Every Client Wants

Enhance your clients' experience by monitoring their details, including previous appointments, preferences, contact data, and additional information.

Minimize No-Shows Through Automated Reminders

Decrease no-shows and save valuable time by utilizing automated appointment reminders. Our email and text notifications keep clients informed about their upcoming appointments.

Never Make a Customer Wait

Our solution eliminates double booking and allows for buffer times between appointments. This means you and your team can stay on track. Say goodbye to customer wait times!
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
Free Software

No credit card, no trial period, free and unlimited use!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Software Really Free? Any Exceptions?

Yes, the entire platform is free for your massage studio, with no hidden costs. The only exception is the SMS reminder service for your clients, which is available for a small fee. However, by default we only send free email reminders to your clients.

How Do I Add Online Reservations to My Massage Studio's Website?

Integrating online reservations into your massage studio website is easy. Go to "Settings" and then "Online Booking" to get your dedicated booking URL. Use this URL to create an interactive button or iframe on your website that allows your clients to book their massages without leaving your website.

What Measures Are in Place to Prevent Overlapping Appointments?

Our online booking system is designed to automatically avoid scheduling conflicts. Your clients will not be able to book massage sessions at the same time unless you've enabled double booking for specific time slots. However, your therapists have the flexibility to schedule overlapping appointments if necessary.

Can Clients Schedule Multiple Massage Services at Once?

Absolutely, clients have the option to book a variety of massage services - be it Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone - in a single booking slot. You can also set limits on how many services can be scheduled in a session if you wish.

Free Software

No credit card, no trial period, free and unlimited use!

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