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Online Booking

Minimize phone interruptions with an accessible online booking system that allows customers to book and modify appointments directly on your website.

Appointment Scheduling

Simplify your schedule management with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop calendar. Quickly create, customize, and view your entire schedule in an instant.

Automated Reminders

Reduce no-shows with an automated appointment reminder system. Clients receive timely email and text notifications, helping them remember their scheduled appointments.
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
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Book Appointments Anytime, From Any Device

Schedule nail spa visits anytime, anywhere, and from any device - smartphones, tablets, or computers. No installations or downloads required, arranging for nail appointments has never been more straightforward.

Secure Data Backups

Never worry about data loss with our automated daily backup solution. Just a few clicks and your salon’s data is safely downloaded and stored.

Boosting Productivity

Free yourself from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The app allows for automation of routine tasks to keep your day organized and efficient.

Easy Online Presence for Your Salon

Enhance your nail salon's online presence with a specially designed business webpage, automatically generated for client access. This page showcases your nail services and provides essential information about your salon, ideal for salons without a personal website.
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
Free Software

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Empower Your Salon's Full Potential

Client Management

Primarily designed for nail salons, this program enables precise tracking of client histories and preferences. It aids in recording of previous nail art designs, ensuring unique and personalized experiences for each client visit.

Enhance Income and Efficiency

Improve income and productivity by reducing missed slots and maximizing booking capacity. Increase daily clientele and revenue without sacrificing service quality, achieving a perfect balance between walk-in and scheduled visits.

Tailor-Made Forms

Create tailor-made forms in the software to gather vital client and service details. These forms facilitate a personalized reservation experience, with the system automatically adjusting costs and duration based on the information provided. This leads to a more streamlined and custom reservation process.

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Free Software

No credit card, no trial period, free and unlimited use!

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