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Smart Scheduling is the leading scheduling software for the spa and beauty industry, and it's completely free.

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Online Booking

Free yourself from endless phone calls. Our easy-to-use online booking system allows clients to book and change appointments directly from your website.

Appointment Scheduling

Planning and organizing your busy schedule is now simpler than ever. Our intuitive drag-and-drop calendar lets you customize and manage your agenda with just a few clicks.

Increase Your Productivity

No more tedious, time-consuming activities. Our software helps you automate routine tasks and streamline your daily activities, so you can focus on more important tasks and increase your productivity.
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
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Software That Works on any Device

Designed to be compatible with any platform, mobile device, tablet or computer, our software gives you the convenience of scheduling from anywhere, at any time.

Deliver Exceptional Service to Your Customers

Improve the quality of your service by maintaining comprehensive customer records that include past appointments, preferences, contact information, and more to create uniquely personalized experiences.

Minimize No-Shows With Automated Reminders

Reduce no-shows and save time with our automated appointment reminders. Our email and text notifications keep your clients informed of their upcoming appointments and ensure they arrive on time.

Keep Customers Happy With Timely Service

Our comprehensive system allows you to allocate buffer time between appointments, ensuring that you and your staff provide on-time service. Give your customers the exceptional, wait-free experience they deserve!
Free iphone booking app for hair and beauty salons
Free Software

No credit card, no trial period, free and unlimited use!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Using Your Platform Completely Cost-Free? Any Hidden Charges?

Using our platform is absolutely free, with no hidden fees. The only exception is the optional SMS reminder service for your clients, which comes with a small fee. However, by default, client reminders are always sent via free email.

How Can I Add an Online Booking Feature to My Website?

Adding online booking to your website is easy. Simply go to "Settings" and select "Online Booking" to find the URL of your booking page. This URL can be turned into an interactive link or integrated into your site as an iframe, allowing your visitors to book directly without leaving your site.

How Is Appointment Overlapping Prevented in the Scheduling System?

Our online scheduling platform includes features to prevent scheduling conflicts. Clients won't be able to schedule appointments that overlap unless the double-booking feature is enabled for certain time frames. However, you and your team have the flexibility to schedule overlapping appointments.

Can Customers Schedule Multiple Services in One Go?

Yes, your customers have the ability to schedule an appointment that includes multiple services. You can also set a limit on the number of services that can be scheduled in a single appointment.

Free Software

No credit card, no trial period, free and unlimited use!

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